The Best Gift Ever (Self-Print/Download)


Our prayer for you and the people you are doing this study with is that no matter your ages in the group, you will cling to the simplicity of the gospel. In the midst of the hustle of the holidays, we can complicate what is meant to be so easy. From 0 to 90, the whole family will benefit from time spent together understanding God and all He does for us through Jesus. Enjoy 14 nights as a family, or with your roommates, or whatever your living situation is, reading scripture and grasping simple truths of the gospel, written in a way everybody can understand. Make no mistake, everybody needs to be reminded of the simplicity of loving and knowing Jesus. I know this devotional will challenge you and bring to life truths about our Savior that you haven’t thought about or heard put in the way we have unfolded for you.

Bundle up, grab your coziest jammies and a cup of cocoa, and dive into knowing the greatest gift we have ever known- Jesus!

*Please note: This devotional purchase counts for one person/family. Purchasing and reselling this or sharing the purchased PDF is not permitted. Remember when you buy from a small business like my own, every sale is a happy dance on this end. Help us dance more by sharing about the devotional, but not the devotional itself! 

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